Board of Trustees

‍Cecelia Bingham – Co-Chairperson
Fred Cawyer – Secretary
Lyndah Drum – Co-chairperson, Vice President of Women’s Programs
Al Fannin – Treasurer
Linda Holloway
Melanie Hunter
Malcolm Johnson
Beng Chuan Tan
Craig Tucker – Chairman Emeritus

Gary Bingham – President
Jo Umberger – Vice President
H.M. Motsinger, Ed.D. – Founder/President Emeritus

Inspiring stories

Stories about people and situations we helped.

The theme for the December Lectureship was True Freedom. 124 Prisoners were treated of various sicknesses.

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Bugabula Church of Christ hosted Gospel Chariot evangelists from 22 -24 January and they were able to preach the word and convert 52 people. All these were baptized.

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Kapoleseroi Secondary School is a mixed day and boarding school located in Kenya. It was started in 1978 and has more than 400 students.

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