Dr. H.M. Motsinger New Life Behavior International

H.M. Motsinger grew up in a large farming family that had little to no church involvement.

Shortly before graduating from college, he made the decision to live as a Christian. Since that time, Christ has been his anchor and guide.

After graduating from Elon College in 1958, H.M. earned a Master of Arts degree from Abilene Christian University in 1963 and a Doctorate of Education from North Texas State University in 1968. He also attended Oklahoma State and East Texas University to earn a license to be a professional counselor in the field of marriage and family therapy.

H.M. served his military duty in the U. S. Army. He was a public and private school teacher and administrator for 15 years and served as Dean of Continuing Education for Pepperdine University for six years.

In August 1984, Dr. Motsinger joined a group of trained Christians who were meeting with inmates in the Dallas County Jail, and NewLife Behavior Ministries was born.

Dr. Motsinger developed seven courses as well as the Children’s Edition of one course of the NewLife Behavior curriculum over an 18-year period. These lessons are used in hundreds of jails and prisons today in over 40 states.

When the curriculum was requested by international Christians, H.M. founded NewLife Behavior International in 2002 and served as its President until July 2019, when he began serving as President Emeritus. The curriculum has been taught in multiple countries around the world; and today there are 50 volunteer Trainers who teach it on a consistent basis.