Who We Are

Duncan Ojiambo


I am Duncan Ojiambo, a graduate of Diploma in Social development in 2010 at Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) College of Business and Social Development, Jinja Branch. In 2010 I enrolled for a certificate in Biblical studies at Nations University through online study. I completed my studies with Nations University in 2011 while at African Christian College in Swaziland and graduated with a certificate in Biblical studies. In 2012 I graduated with a diploma in theology and counseling from African Christian College in Swaziland. My bachelor in Christian Education and Administration is in process.

Below is my family picture, my wife Maximillah, daughter Junia and myself.

I love NLBI because since the first day I sat in Dr HM’s class while at college till now I have been learning new things about my personality and been challenged to make adjustments in my behavior. This personal impact acts as a driving force in my passion to reaching out to the world through NLBI Curriculum. I feel every individual on the face of this earth ought to sit in NLBI class; I am fully convinced that the world is evil as Apostle Paul says. NLBI is one of those tools enriched with all ingredients to transform this evil world. This is an ongoing process.

My experience in the last two years using NLBI is a conviction that NLBI opens a fertile ground for the penetration of the good news in the world. Because of NLBI two congregations have been planted in Uganda and 435 souls have been saved through baptism.

Ecceliah Wangari Kamau


Greetings all, my name is Ecceliah Wangari Kamau, a 35 year old lady from Nairobi, Kenya. I am a Sunday school teacher and a youth coordinator at Nairobi Church of Christ Eastleigh.

NLBI has equipped me spiritually and materially to enable me to reach out to many, both kids and adults. I feel humbled to serve in God’s vineyard through NLBI.

Currently I am a 3rd year student at an international university, undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology.

I hail from a family of nine and I am the 6th born. I love my family very much. I also love my NLBI family because it is a ministry of hope, reconciling individuals to God, families, and society.

HM has been a father, a mentor, and an instructor who has trained me to teach and to encourage among many others virtues such as generosity. Through the years, I have trained over 250 people in prison, churches and community. NLBI inspires people, makes them feel loved by raising self esteem, Many could have lost hope in life, but thanks to God and NLBI, they are alive and thankful.

Emmanuel Kalua


My name is Emmanuel kalua from Malawi, the southern part of Africa and I graduated (2014) with a bachelor’s degree of Theology majoring in counseling at African Christian College (Swaziland). I am currently doing my master’s degree in psychology at Russian State Social University, Russia. I have worked a lot with churches (Church of Christ) from 2010 and through until 2015 when I relocated to Russia to further my studies.

I am not married yet and hence below find my pictures.

The NLBI curriculum is a simplified content of effective behavior change and that’s the reason I have always applied it not only to communities, schools, churches etc. but also as a tool to guide me in perfecting my walk with Christ. I got fully convinced that this curriculum is very after trying in Swaziland (Africa) communities, where we managed to baptize more than 15 people who really felt the need to change their lives. I did the same in my country (Malawi) where it was really welcomed.

My desire is that this curriculum should be taught to every soul just like we proclaim the gospel. This curriculum has to be taught in every congregation, to all missionaries, teachers, business people etc. May God bless the work of NLBI.

Friday Adima


I was born in the year 1967 September 29 to the family of Mr Jim and Mrs Jim Adima in the village of Obete Ukwu Ibeme in Obingwa LGA, Abia State, Nigerian. I live in Aba, Abia State , South East Nigeria

I became a Christian when I was 13years and have remained a Christian till date. I have a wife, Sandra and God blessed us with 4 children…

  1. Cherry … daughter, she is a Christian, baptized at the age of 11. Now she is 15years.
  2. Chisom Bob… son, He is 12 years.
  3. Chinecherem….. son, he is 10 years.
  4. Osinachi Lyndah… daughter she is 1yr & 2months.

I received my first preaching diploma from Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom Abak, in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.

And another degree from Theological University of America (TUA), Dallas, USA.

I have trained and conducted 46 seminars and certified 3410 as NLBI instructors in six countries. Namely; Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Cameroon.

As NLBI instructor/trainer I minister mainly in the prisons, churches, Christian Schools, Training of Bible College students, training of Ministers and church leaders, ministering of NLBI lessons in the orphanage home to leaders and the grown-up children in the home, and the village with a ‘’Sense of Self’’ and CASA lessons.

I volunteer my time and services to NLBI in my country and outside my country, because of its effectiveness in getting to the mind for renewal. I like NLBI because it is more than reformative, but TRANSFORM individuals. So many individuals have been reconciled with God and their families and the society as a result of NLBI products. Bible college leaders confess to adjust from the way thy deal with their staff and students.

I am happy to serve God with NLBI curriculum, and I do that with all my heart, strength and time.

Jonathan Chuma


My name is Jonathan Chuma Nkutika I am a Zambian by registration and a Zimbabwean by birth. I am a missionary; married to Justina we have four fully grown children and six grand children.

I hold an accounting and human resources management qualification. I have worked in both the accounting and human resources departments in senior management capacities. I also hold a Bachelors degree in Theology with a major in Ministry and Leadership and a Masters in Biblical Studies from Nations University. I am currently studying with Abilene Christian University for a Masters degree in Christian Ministry. I hope to read for a PHD in Ministry the near future.

Currently my wife and I are based in Durban where I teach at African Christian College and my wife who is also a degree holder in Theology is a teacher at a Christian school. Our presence in Durban is on a voluntary basis as part of an evangelistic outreach that we have volunteered to be involved with in Central Africa.

In all the countries that we have worked in Central Africa we have trained people in NLB. We have adopted a teaching method where we teach a prisoner NLB lessons as well as Healing Hands lessons. NLB lessons focus to encourage the prisoner to change his behaviour. Healing hands lessons equips the prisoner with a life saving skill.

Our grander vision is to establish a training facility that will train released prisoners on NLB so as to have a change in behaviour as well as equip them with an agricultural skill that will help the person to be self sustaining on his return to society. This program is aiming at integrating a released prisoner back into society with a life saving skill.

We look forward to establishing this training facility in Zimbabwe in Matabeleland North Province. God willing we will work hand in hand with local congregations who will finance the venture as well as act as overseers, as this will be established as an outreach ministry of the congregations in Matabeleland North Province.

NLB lessons are currently being used in Durban prisons taught by volunteers who do not have adequate in NLB. We are currently conducting training sessions to men and women who will act as training coordinators to the incarcerated in and around Durban prisons.

My Family Picture

Leonard Mutunga


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I take this opportunity to congratulate you all in the New Life Behaviour Ministries (NLBI) and Lessons. I thank the trustees who offered prayers to the NLBI team with a vision to assist Missionaries in South America. Wish Him the best!

I am one of the NLBI trainers in Kenya (East Africa). I wish to give you my biography before my promotion as new life behaviour certified instructor and now certified trainer for NLBI lessons.

I am a married Christian with one wife, four children, five grandchildren and two needy children who are under my care.

I am a Kenyan by citizenship and comes from Machakos County which is in the Eastern Province of the country and I do conduct my seminars with that Eastern Region which covers more than eight counties namely:

  • 1) Machakos
  • 2) Makueni
  • 3) Kitui
  • 4) Mwingi
  • 5) Tharaka Nithi
  • 6) Embu
  • 7) Meru
  • 8) Mbeere e.t.c

The type of students I teach – even before I became I trainer are:

  • Bible colleges
  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • Community groups
  • Prisons
  • Churches e.t.c


  • a) East African certificate of Education – Awarded Division form.
  • b) Archtectural Draftsmanship – Awarded Grade II Certificate – 1976
  • c) Apprendship in capentry and Joinery in the Ministry of works and Housing (MOWH) under directorate of Ministry of labour Nairobi. – Awarded Final proficiency Certificates at final level. In 1977 – 1980.
  • d) Pre – deployment course in Building Construction, Safety, basic survey, technical drawing and Administration Organization – Awarded Grade C – 1985.
  • e) Families Matter programme – Awarded Certificate – 2012
  • f) Attended Bible Christian Ministry at KICTI – Nairobi Eastleigh Centre – 2011 – Awarded Certificate in Bible Theology.
  • g) Diploma in Bible Christian Ministry (KICTI) Nairobi – 2012.
  • h) Computer Introduction Course – Awarded certificate at KICTI Nairobi.
  • i) Police clearance certificate to enable me work in Kenya Prisons for New Life Behaviours (NLBI) lessons to the inmates.
  • j) Bachelors in Theology Degree – At the All Nations College – Kenya Campus – Athi River 2014 – 2016. Degree programme photo attached to view.
  • k) Newlife Behaviour in Transformation – Awarded Certificate 2011 as Instructor ( NLBI).
  • l) NEWLIFE Behaviour in Transforming Lives by reconciling individuals at God, Family and Community – Awarded a Certified Certificate as an Instructor NLBI Lessons.
  • m) Approved certifies Trainer NLBI Lesson certified by the founder of the NLBI in USA Dr. H.M . Motsinger – 2016. Which I currently Praise the Lord for enabling me to continue Teaching the Gospel to the Entire world to save souls.
  • n) I would like to inform you that I also have a clean driving license as an added advantage!!


  • a) Ministry of works and Housing – Department of Chief Architect, staff training Department Nairobi – Kenya as an Apprentice, carpenter and Joiner under the director Industrial Training centre – Ministry of Labour Nairobi where I attained my final proficiency certificate in Carpentry and Joinery and was promoted to Artisan Grade 1 – 1977-1985.
  • b) Lumbwa Community Development Project as a carpenter and Joiner Instructor – 1986 -1995.
  • c) Mugoya Construction and Engineering Company Limited – 1996 – 1998 as a carpenter in NSSF Housing Project Embakasi – Nairobi Kenya.
  • d) Currently Iam a Preacher at Mbondoni Church of Christ Konza and a Trainer NLBI Lessons in the Eastern Kenya Region.

Ever since I was awarded this new appointment I have certified 180 instructors of NLBI Lessons.

Photos of me and my wife Annah Musau

Photos of my children namely, Elizabeth, Jackline, Andrew and Enock. (Supportive to the work of the Lord). Grandchildrens Names Nancy Nduku, Lucy Mutheu and Kioko .


Baldomero Lagua


I am Baldomero Lagua, a graduate of Associate in Theology in 2000 at Manila School of Evangelism in Manila, I have finished my Education at Sunrise Christian College in Butuan City, Mindanao, with the Degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education in 2007, I passed the National Licensure Examination for Teacher in 2008.

I became a NLBI Trainer since October 2011, I presently live in Baguio City, Philippines, I have trained 823 people to be NLBI instructors. My NLBI instructors minister mainly to church, public school teachers, church leaders, prison teachers, bible school teachers. I volunteer my time and services to NLBI efforts in my country because this ministry is very needed and effective in the moral recovery of our people not only for the member of the church but it is also for any age group of people.

I like NLBI because it opens a lot of opportunities in spreading the good news, its unique approach in dealing with people, and families in the community make it easy for us to share and spread out in our country.

Freddy Mayala


Hello God’s people, I’am your brother Freddy Mayala, 45 years old from Democratic Republic of Congo, residing in Johannesburg South Africa with my family since 2005. I am a full time preacher at Luthuli Church of Christ in Benoni Johannesburg.

I became an NLBI instructor in 2009 while in my second year of theology. There was a need to translate NLB program into French language and Brother Motsinger granted me that opportunity.

By God grace, I have managed to translate the program into French and conducted two NLBI seminars in Lauanda Angola as well in Benoni South Africa. I am set to fly to Libreville Gabon this year to do another NLBI seminar. I have a Bachelor degree in theology from Church of Christ School of theology. Married to Zola Mayala and the Lord blessed us with four beautiful kids.

The French world needs this wonderful program NLBI and the Lord is using me to implement it across the world. I would like to express my gratitude to all the NLBI supporters and team, to Brother H. Motsinger for his dedication and support toward NLBI. May the Lord bless you all!

My Family Picture

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