NLBI’s efforts lead to people becoming Christians, churches being established,
and people being reconciled
to their families and communities.

In January 2007, we began with one trainer and now have 30 volunteer indigenous trainers who have taught 20,300 people from 30 countries in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Philippines, and the Pacific Rim. These are able to teach others.

NLBI serves people from all walks of life — students and teachers in public and private elementary, junior high, and high schools; students and teachers in public and private universities; students in Bible colleges and preacher training schools; missionaries, church leaders, and local congregations; nursing schools; inmates and staff in prisons and juvenile detention centers; youth on house arrest; staff members in orphanages; and the general public in various communities.

NLBI has 14 courses of 13 lessons each, including one children’s course as well as a train-the-trainer course, which teaches the Responsive Teaching Method.

Are The Train-The-Trainer Materials and Bible-Based Curriculum Producing the Desired Results?

“Dr. H.M.’s class was the best course I have ever attended in my life. It is very practical to life. I say that from the bottom of my heart and in all honesty. I was having trouble with my hot temper. However, I believe God’s timing was the very best in my life who made it possible for me to meet Dr. H.M. … I was transformed and now I focus on transforming other people’s lives … NLBI to me is a movement for changing lives forever until eternity comes.”
Tabo of Namibia

“I was reading a new lesson (from NewLife Behavior) when I gained an insight … (these) lessons are just as applicable to my life as to the life of anyone behind bars. Indeed, the NLB lessons fit the needs of anyone entrapped behind the bars of sin.”
Ray Thompson, NLBI Trainer USA

“Thank you for your wonderful lessons. It is vital to know of all the Christians who are living in our present world. I am interested in the lessons and thankful to you for your permission to add to the curriculum of Myanmar Preachers Training School. The school will be starting in June 2016.”
Alex Kie Bu Hung, Yangon, Myanmar, Philippines

“Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing. For quite some time I have been praying for God to show me the work He wants me to do, and I feel called to help/counsel people and families, especially those with addictions and the behavioral issues that arise from that. I am not a trained counselor but your curriculum seems to answer the need.”
Peggy, Uganda, Africa

“NewLIfe Seminars provide an effective and Christ-centered means of rebuilding, reorienting and revitalizing the basic building block of our society — the family.”
Chaplain Powell Pendergraft

“NLB material is aptly written to cater to a cross section of every society and situation. This material is less intimidating to people than other Christian literature.”
Kennedy Mukuka, President, Zambia Christian Institute

“Thank you for everything you are doing to see that the work of our Lord is reaching everyone. I am seriously committed to the ministry, and there are so many people to reach. We thank you for extending this wonderful ministry to Uganda and especially western Uganda. Together with my team of six members, we have started this program seriously for the betterment of our communities and changing people’ behaviors in our churches and communities”
Taliwabo Rabson, Uganda, Africa

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